Porter Family

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Meet the Porter Family. This sweet, gorgeous little family hadn't had family photos taken in 12 years (12 YEARS!!!) When I consider how much our lives change over a period of 12 years... Let's just say my mind was blown to hear that, and I was so excited to help. She said, "It's terrible because Christmas card time comes around and I have to see if I can even find a photo of all of us together."

This isn't an uncommon story, unfortunately. I absolutely love and cherish the opportunity to assist my clients in conquering the "dreaded" family photo session - for whatever reasons theirs may be. Beyond that, I enjoy providing an easy, natural session - one that creates beautiful memories. It is my desire to present them back to you as memories you'll always cherish and never forget.

Tonight's session was amazing. We got together for half an hour. Our planned location was a mile from their home, and it was easy to get there. We came back with some of the most beautiful moments! And mom couldn't help but get tears of joy when she saw the sneak peek.

There are many reasons why people put off professional family photos. Some have shared feelings that photos are too expensive. Others wonder or doubt if they'll even like the way they look in photos, and want to put it off till they finally lose weight. But often times, months quickly turn to years and sometimes even decades, and we haven't stopped to document our family.

Bottom line : I believe people will, and should make time for what matters most to them in life! Are our memories of these precious years important to us? If yes, then lets make time for them.

For those considering my photography, please honestly consider the following: Who do you want to remember forever? What if family photography could be a fast, fun, family experience? What if afterward, you were able to keep enough professionally edited photos to create a beautiful heirloom album to have and remember forever? I aim to make all of my photography sessions easy and fun. I hope that families and friends and loved ones get to bond and experience special moments together. My goal is to capture some of those moments so you can keep them forever. I want to return them to you in such a way that will warm your heart so you actually "feel" the photo.

The opportunity to tell your story through my photography is one that I appreciate more than words can say. As I apply some finishing touches on the Porter family's photos tonight, I find myself smiling. We created some great memories and they get to hold onto them forever.

for choosing to work with me. I hope you love these as much as I do.

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