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Family Photographer Gilbert Arizona Ginger E Photography

You booked a session,
now what?

I wanted to take a minute to share  my "why" and my photography style with you before we work together. I have a few guidelines for our session which I will list below. I also have a quick questionnaire that I ask that you fill out before our session. Taking a few minutes to go through these steps, will help ensure that we have a wonderful session.

I thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this.

What to Expect From Your Session 

I am an outdoor natural light photographer. My sessions are not like others you may have attended... This is going to be fun and a little silly, with lots of moving, and LOTS of interaction. I do what I call a "happy blend" of posed and lifestyle photography. Your family is unique, each person with their own quirks, smiles, and expressions... and that is what I aim to capture in our time together. To do this, I will be working to pose you for shots but we will be playing in between and I will be snapping away the entire time. I love doing this because when kids are allowed to play; their true selves come out, and that is exactly what I want to capture. I want that photo that, years from now, will pull you right back to this version of life because you can "feel it".

I will be touching you during this session, moving you where you need to go, so be prepared, I don't bite :)

Because of my style of shooting, I will be including a whole lot of photos in your gallery. We are going to capture so many moments together, that I prefer to treat it more as the story of your family. Because of this, I am happy to add on a beautiful photo album to your session for only $100. You will not have any creative design in this album, but believe me, it's better this way. I will arrange it beautifully and you will have an elegant and beautiful piece for your family to treasure forever. 

Our Session Rules

  • My number one rule is: Mom is queen for the day. I want to ensure that I get beautiful flattering photos of her with each of her kids, and special romantic photos with dad, because their love story is what started all of this. I also like to take a few photos of just mom during the shoot. We moms, are the photographers in the day-to-day and so rarely have really nice photos of ourselves. And I believe our future adult children deserve to have the heirloom of beautiful photos of their mom when she was young and raising them.

  • Be on time for our session. Because our photo time is very reliant on our light, I ask that you arrive at sessions on time. 

  • You are off "parent duty" during our session. I know that often, as parents, our immediate desire is to make sure our kids are smiling and posing how we want them to. This can make for very flat pictures with fake smiles, or worse cranky kids who just want to be done. If your kids are smiling in my photos, it's because they are wanting to. We will be super silly and have lots of fun, but I ask that for our time together you resist the urge to take control if they are acting "out of hand."

  • I have years of experience in working with kids in these sessions and have many tried and true techniques for shifting the mood and getting the desired results. You are all along for the experience, let's just have fun and enjoy it. Remember that when mom and dad start getting annoyed, the energy of the kids, will quickly mimic yours. 

  • Don't be afraid to let loose! Kids love it when mom and dad are silly and weird and wild. It allows them to feel safe doing the same, and while you might not want a bunch of silly faces on your wall, the smiles they are giving in between are magic, and those ARE the pictures you want.

  •  Change the way your family feels about family photos. Get everyone involved in picking the outfits or looking up a few poses. The more involved the kids are, the more excited they will be on the day of. Let's make this into a fun family adventure instead of a dreaded hour of "Cheese"

Family Photographer Gilbert Arizona Ginger E Photography

Please take a quick moment to answer these questions and better prepare me for our session. 

Family Photography Session Questionnaire
Has your family worked with a professional photographer before?

Thanks for taking the time!

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